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colorado fires

I've been watching the news lately to catch news of the fires in colorado springs. I grew up there,  and I've still got family and friends that live there. I think between my sister, mother, and I we've been driving them all just a wee bit insane. Luckily they've all been fine so far (though my uncle solved the dilemma by going on a boating trip).


As for the rest, I've been trying to get caught up, and keep up with chores around the house. My mother is finally doing better now that she's going back to work half time.


As for me, I've just been laying around today nursing a migraine and making orders on my phone for beauty tools. I thought a few brushes, makeup setting spray, hd powder, and a few new lip products to try.


Now if only I can convince myself I really need to get up and start my day...


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Jun. 30th, 2012 06:41 pm (UTC)
I hope your family remains safe.

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