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Somewhere East of Life

Fording the stream of consciousness.


About Saifai
I'm a multi-tasking procrastinator, and migraine sufferer, obsessed with anything science fiction, or colored purple (or both). I'm a woman. I'm a gardener. I'm a nerd. I also can't live without chocolate.

I love reading. It's rather weird for me, as I detested books when I was younger. I write my own works when I can. I can't seem to help but work on graphic design. It's a job, and a hobby, and a bad habit.

I'm completely in love with Tokio Hotel, and that's rather odd for me. Well, not the band but my interest. I've never been particularly interested in a band before, other than idle interest in their music. But it's fun and it keeps me occupied. :D

Want to know more? Read more about me from some of my previous entries: "About Me"

i am a major geek


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